Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Who can attend the One Health EJP Annual Scientific Meeting? 

Anyone interested in the newest scientific results in the field of One Health, in particular in foodborne zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and emerging threats. Participation from all fields across the One Health spectrum is encouraged. The event is organized by One Health EJP.

 What is One Health EJP?

The One Health European Joint Programme (One Health EJP, is an international collaboration between public health, animal health and food safety institutes across Europe. Launched in January 2018, the One Health EJP is a landmark partnership between 44 partners from 22 countries across Europe. Its main focus is to strengthen collaboration and improve preparedness by means of dedicated joint integrative and research projects, and through education and training in the fields of foodborne zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and emerging threats. The One Health EJP has strong science-to-policy activities with stakeholders including national ministries, European stakeholders (EFSA, ECDC, EEA, EMA) and global stakeholders (FAO, OIE, WHO/Europe), helping to gain both immediate and long-term impact.

 Could researchers who are not part of One Health EJP submit abstracts to this event? 

Yes! Abstracts fitting the wide scope of the meeting: One Health, in particular foodborne zoonoses, antimicrobial resistance and emerging threats – were welcomed from all researchers, research groups and research consortia.

 Should I attend? 


 Live/online attendance? 

Live participation is possible upon availability, once the capacity is reached, it will be possible to register only at the online virtual attendance.

 What should I know regarding COVID-19-related restrictions if I plan to attend on-site?

The recent developments of the pandemic in Italy are positive. This means that we feel optimistic about a hybrid conference with both physical and virtual attendees.

We continue to monitor the developments of the pandemic and the related restrictions/regulations. We will do from our side our best to ensure a safe conference experience for all.


 What should I know regarding COVID-19-related restrictions if I plan to attend?

Please follow your local guidelines/the destination guidelines and restrictions.

 Who can register with the ‘PhD student’ registration fee?

The ‘PhD student’ registration fee is for those with a formal status as a student. This includes undergraduate students and PhD students.

 Who is eligible for the presentation prizes?

All posters are eligible for the Poster prize.
All student participants (including PhD students) who have an oral presentation are eligible for Best early career oral presentation prize.

 What are the criteria used to evaluate the presentations for the prizes?

Judgement is based on: scientific merit; One Health, cross-sector approach; and visual impact.
Presentations from OHEJP activities are expected to follow a specific style/template.

What does it mean that the event is hybrid?

It means that participation is possible on-site as well as virtually. The full conference will be a live virtual experience with some participants attending both on-site and online, and most of the participants attending from anywhere in the world online.

 Is there a specific poster session?

The programme does not have a specific time for the poster presentations, they will be available throughout the event.

 What is the hashtag of the event?


The event is very welcoming and nice, I look forward to it! What can I do if I would observe any inappropriate behavior at the event?

Everyone is warmly welcomed to this event, we are looking forward to it too!
The event is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience to everyone, and committed to equality, diversity and inclusiveness. This code of conduct is expected of all participants. If you experience or observe harassment or discrimination in relation to the event, the organisers should be informed and will take action.

 I have a question about the event, who can I ask?
I have a question about my registration, who can I ask?

Please contact the Conference Secretariat: